Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Helping out the pops with some coding magic!!!

An idea I've had for a while, but hasn't come to fruition is helping my dad's Saturday golf club out with a program that will take a lot of human error out and do a lot of math really quick. He plays what is called a modified Stableford (look at the rules/scoring here). Currently, he does a lot of it on Excel, which isn't a bad choice, but is very limited due to how the person that created the document set it up.

The real help would be an custom app created just for the club, which could be used for other clubs to meet their needs. It could easily fall under the SaaS train-of-thought, which little tweaks making it a customized experience. Because the only real language I know at the moment is Java, I've ran into a few errors on both the data management and UI side of things. The math portion isn't hard, just creating something really beautiful that people would want to use all the time. Hopefully the current course load I have will get me to the point where a good solid week of coding will create this masterpiece. Until then, tee it high and let it fly!!!!

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  1. Interesting. In what ways is the excel sheet limited? Could you use a google spreadsheet to get more flexibility? Another great idea - we'll need more details to work out what's needed here.