Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What could possibly help my interest?

I spent a few years as an athlete and enjoy keeping up with the current headliners in local sports. It seems to me that here in Hawaii, high school athletics aren't as "popular" as they are in states like Texas or Florida. Sure, Michelle Wie was a hot sensation when she was at Punahou, but what real buzz do the scholar athletes of this great state create? In all honesty, I had no clue who Manti Te'o was prior to his days at Notre Dame. Maybe it's because I was once a part of it that I have an interest in it but the website for the Hawaii High School Athletic Association has looked the same for almost a decade. Maybe we can help give it some more spunk? Stay current on sports statewide? Who knows???

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  1. Great idea - do you have any contact with the Hawaii High School Athletic Association?