Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hawaii High School Sports FTW!!!!!!!

I had an out there idea about helping streamline the HHSAA (Hawaii High School Athletic Association) website to keep things up to date at all times. (You can read that blog at this wonderful location :))

While I'm not currently in contact with anyone at HHSAA, that doesn't mean it won't happen in the future. The real idea is to keep Hawaii High School events up-to-date for a multitude of reasons. The idea of stakeholders in this are astronomical!!! Here are a few that swim to the top of my head

1) Student Athletes- It will help student athletes keep track of their "stats" for future use when trying to gain recognition for schools at the next level. While scouting still happens, quantifiable data is hard to beat, especially if it's verified by a third party.

2) Parents- Oahu has a strong military footprint. With that being said, a lot of parents are not physically on the Island, and a lot can be said with the stats that are put out in public forum. Even if it's just a stat line, I know that seeing my children did something, no matter how far I am, is worth checking every day. I say with the upmost certainty that a lot of parents feel the same way.

3) College Coaches- Athletes create a buzz, no matter the sport. College Coaches can start "tracking" possible future athletes and create their own type of sabremetric system to "rank" student athletes.

While these are only three ideas of possible stakeholders, I'm very certain that if you're reading this blog, and understand the idea, you could come up with a few more yourself. PLAY HARD!!!!

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  1. Great stuff - I just added some bold and numbering to make the stakeholders pop out.