Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another week of blogs!!! More Golf Please?

Last week I shared a few ideas of possible problems that could be fixed with a little software ingenuity. Let's look at the first of the blogs that helps my dad, which can be read here.

Really, how effective would a program like this be? Who would be a stakeholder in an idea like this?

The obvious choice would be my dad, because working the books would take on a whole new meaning. But honestly, who else would benefit from this? Here's a small list of who and how this program may help

1) Golfers in the club- If the program handles the math properly, the only real issue that could arise from this idea is user error. If everything happens fast, golfers will wait shorter times to get results for that week.

2) Other golf clubs/groups- If the software can be generalized to fit the needs of different groups, why wouldn't another group want to use it?

3) Other sports that have scheduled social outings- Other sports could benefit by tweaking the code just a little to fit what the user wants. Want to know how your weekly tennis outing goes? Just input some data. Want to know who is the best at bocce ball? Look at a histogram of past events.

While staying on topic a bit, the real idea for this program is to get the end user to input as little data as possible to get the results they need. With a little more time, I think this could happen easily. Happy blogging :)

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  1. Great work. Feel free to use a bit of bolding and lists to make things pop out, and while considering other groups that might use the same solution is good, for developing an initial system you probably want to prefer to think about stakeholders that would have an input on the design of the initial system, so in this case I would have thought that the key stakeholders to consider are those in the golf club, e.g.

    1) golfers
    2) golf club administrators
    3) existing golf scorekeepers

    because if this system was something that the golf club would provide as a service to members then they are a key stakeholder. If it's a 3rd party app that golfers can download on their smartphones, then they can be left out - but anyone involved in the current scorekeeping mechanisms would be a stakeholder, and if it's a 3rd party app I'd be tempted to mention the maintainers of that app, and the administrator of any cloud based service that would ensure it continued to work etc; possibly even the framework provider such as Apple/Google ...